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11 Simple Things To Be Grateful For

1. That your body, mind and soul aren’t perfect, but it’s because of this that you’re able to grow and have a journey filled with learning and experiencing miraculousness beyond your imagination.
2. That you have been able to attend school. Without having done so, you wouldn’t even be reading this article right now. How often do we forget where we acquired the skills that allow us to live our everyday lives?
3. For any genuine friends or family you have, whether it’s one person or twenty, because even just finding one person to love, or who loves you, is a miracle in and of itself.
4. If you don’t have to worry where your next meal is coming from. Congratulations, you’re among the most privileged people in the world.
5. That you can access clean water. Because, again, millions of people can’t.
6. And the internet. You literally have a database of most (if not all) of the world’s knowledge right at your fingertips. There’s virtually nothing you can’t learn, research or find.
7. That you’ve known suffering and loss, because…
8. You have learned (or will learn) great things from experiencing hardship. Ask anybody who has been to the depths and back, and…
9. If you have experienced heartbreak, loss or pain, it’s because you had something that meant something to you. What’s that saying, that the opposite of love is indifference? If you have the capability to be upset about something, it means at one point, you had things in your life that mattered (and probably still do).
10. If you’ve never had to know the realities of living in a warzone, slavery, or anything else that so many of our brothers and sisters have to face everyday.
11. And finally, that you have the ability to be grateful for all of these things. Because having a mind and heart that wants to recognize what there is to be grateful for in life is half the battle, so be grateful that you can consider yourself halfway there. 
-Brianna Wiest

Xoxo, Chi♥



If you want to be happy, then be. Be as happy as possible.💙💋



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